DAY 4 has arrived and WOW do we have a treat for you!  Low-rise rayon hipster with delicate flocked dots, lace trim, and velvet bows is sure to put you in the holiday spirit!  And to keep those tootsies warm, we’re throwing in a pair of lace-trimmed over-the-knee socks!  ENTER BELOW!

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  2. Back to School Bras

    Sweet & sexy lingerie blog The Lingerie Addict chose our "Cutie" Bralette to be one of their Top 25 Pretty Bras for Back to School!  We totally agree…check it out in Daiquiri (shown) & Sunkissed too!  Don’t forget to peep their matching panties!


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  4. BLOG LOVE! Cupcakes & Cutlery


    Cupcakes & Cutlery darling Sharon Garofalow has posted a fantastic product review!  She reviewed our Emma Elegance Bralette & Hipster, Sweetheart Chemise & Hipster, Enchanting Bralette & Hipster, and even a pair of our brand new Fall 2012 Socks!!  We’re big fans of hers and thrilled she loved our stuff!!  Thanks Sharon!! 



  5. Boutique-of-the-Week! Trashy Diva, New Orleans, LA


    Trashy Diva started as a Vintage only boutique in 1996 in the vivacious city of New Orleans, Louisiana!  A year later, they launched their website and never looked back (except when they look back to the 50’s for inspiration and glamour)! 

    We interviewed them to find out what made them tick, and what makes their trashy divas coming back for more! 

    Honeydew: When did you open? What would you say was your biggest key to success?

    TD: Trashy Diva’s Lingerie boutique opened in 2006.  Our key to success is that we offer a wide variety of high quality lingerie with many classic aesthetics: retro, flirty and feminine, sultry and vampy.  We pride ourselves on our beautiful, classy lingerie from many acclaimed lingerie labels and designers.  We also carry real steel-boned corsets in our boutique which is something that is quite hard to come by.  Customers seek us out for our lovely corsets for which they can be fitted in the shop and learn all the details of corset wearing and care from women who actually wear corsets!

    Honeydew: That is so awesome!  We love historical lingerie here at Honeydew, what’s not to love?  So tell us, what made you want to include lingerie along with your Trashy Diva clothing line?

    TD: Adding the Trashy Diva Lingerie boutique really compliments our clothing line.  Ladies can come right to our lingerie store to find the perfect lingerie to complement their Trashy Diva dresses.  Because all the women who work the lingerie boutique wear Trashy Diva dresses on a daily basis, we are perfectly suited to help our customers find exactly what they need.  Since the beginning of the company, Trashy Diva has appealed to women who enjoy fashion that is classic and feminine, but never boring.  Now these women have a place to buy lingerie that maintains all those same characteristics. 


    Honeydew:  What is the overall ‘vibe’ in your shop?

    TD: The overall vibe is a little retro and very flirty.  The entire feel of the shop is classy and celebratory of femininity!

    Honeydew: What was the first moment you realized “Hey, I’m actually making this work!”

    TD: The Trashy Diva company already had a loyal following when the lingerie boutique was introduced.  Customers love the classic, retro, but still modern, aesthetic that we represent.  Women love seeing that aesthetic recreated in our lingerie boutique.

    Honeydew: What is your target customer & price-point?

     TD: We have lingerie that is suitable for girls and women of all ages.  The same is true for the price-point of our items.  We literally have something for everyone!    

    Honeydew: Small business owners often get a lot of feedback from their regular customers.  What do your customers love about your store? What do your customers love about Honeydew Intimates specifically?

    TD: Our regular customers love Trashy Diva Lingerie because they know they will receive quality service and products.  We pride ourselves on the diversity of beautiful lingerie that we carry in the boutique.  Customers come to us to find something special that they can’t get just anywhere.  Our customers love the comfort and sweet but sexy style of Honeydew Intimates.  Everyone who tries on Honeydew lingerie proclaims how soft and comfortable the lingerie is. 

    Honeydew: What is your personal favorite Honeydew Intimates item & why? 

    TD: Right now we just adore the Emma Elegance Chemise.  It is so soft and sweet looking.  It’s the prefect little outfit to relax around the house in!

    Honeydew:  Anything you’d like to tell Honeydew fans out there about yourself, your store, or just life itself?

    TD: We think it’s important for women to know that lingerie isn’t just for special occasions but for everyday.  There’s nothing like wearing a gorgeous silk or lace lingerie set under clothing to feel completely feminine and fashionably pulled together.  Lingerie is the first step in creating a fashionable ensemble.  It also seems that many women think lingerie has to be impractical or uncomfortable.  That is very far from the truth.  Putting on a beautiful, well-fitted, bra and panty set under clothing, or slipping on a soft slip or silk robe after a long day is an instant mood-lifter.  Always remember that lingerie is for YOU!



  6. "WHIMSY" HAS ARRIVED!  A burst of fresh color in our warehouse!

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    Some new treats arrived at the Hdew HQ today!  What do you think of this sweet babydoll in juicy colors?

    Honeydew Colors

  9. Boutique-of-the-Week! Galatea, Hoboken, NJ


    This week we’re shining the spotlight on Galatea Lingerie, in Hoboken, New Jersey!  In Greek mythology, Galatea is a maiden who was originally a statue carved by Pygmalion, and who was brought to life by Aphrodite in answer to the sculptor’s pleas (she must have been special!).  We caught up with Diane Stiglich to find out what makes Galatea such a local favorite among Hobokians, and what they will do to make their customers feel as coveted as Galatea herself!


    Honeydew: When did you open?  What was your key to success? 

    Diane: I’ve always loved lingerie even when my husband and I were both students I always had a fabulous lingerie collection! After graduate school I worked part time doing retail and window display. Then, I went back to teaching art.  When my previous boss came to visit, I told her I always had a fantasy of opening a lingerie store and I thought Hoboken could use one.  Six months later, she found a space and offered to back me!  I opened Galatea six weeks later in 1987.  I taught myself how to run the business, always keeping in mind to have a price point for every body and a variety of merchandise to fit everyone’s style and shape. 

    I knew Galatea would be a success because I don’t know of a store that has better customer service.  Over the last 24 years, we’ve seen our customers grow up, get married, have children, get divorced, become grandmothers, battle health problems, acquire pets, etc.  and they all know the name Galatea and to them it means love because they can come and hang out without pressure to buy something. Hoboken is a walking town and our customers are always showing off their Galatea. People constantly stop our customers and ask, “Where did you get that?” We are part of the fabric of the town and great word of mouth gets around.


    Honeydew: Sounds like you are really a staple in the community! What is the overall vibe at the lovely Galatea?

    Diane: We are like a garden, so that we are always trying new things and we evolve with our customers in a very organic way. We have painted flowers and hearts on the wall, we put gold on the floors and our dressing rooms have bronze rose curtains.  We are constantly moving the merchandise around to make sure our product is highlighted in the best possible way. Galatea is a long and narrow space yet it seems quite large and a world unto itself.  Customers come to relax and take in the wonderful scents, see the amazing colors and touch the soft fabrics.  They know they can always find something here—for themselves or as a gift.  Also, we have what we dub “the man couch” for those who are afraid to venture beyond the door as their partners shop.  In addition to champagne Saturdays, we pretty much get our customers whatever they want!  We dress women from head to toe, from their underpinnings to hosiery, from silk chemises to tee shirts, with a perfume spritz. If we don’t have it in the store, we try to get it for them. Our best adornments are the lovely people that frequent Galatea!

    Honeydew: That is really sweet, your dedication really comes across!  Your last sentence is amazing…I’m sure your customers appreciate that sentiment :)

    Honeydew: What is your usual customer & price point?

    Diane: Every woman that shops here has their own unique taste and style.  Whether it’s a bra, a necklace or a pretty handcream, we help them find that thing that makes them, or their friend if it’s a gift, feel even more beautiful than they already are.  Our customers range in age from 18 to 85 and our price point runs from eight dollars to several hundred.

    Honeydew: What do your customers always tell you they love most about Galatea?  What do your customers love about Honeydew Intimates specifically?

    Diane: Our customers love the store because Galatea is interested in the unique. We touch on trend, but we are not married to it.  It’s really what makes our fabulous customers look great!  Honeydew is a a fun addition to our lingerie collection.  In addition to the great price points, the colors and prints are always fun in the chemises, bralettes, and underwear.  Our customers adore the rumba ruffle bralettes and ruffle panties, as well as the mesh boyshorts. These are our favorite item as well! The younger women in town can’t keep their hands off them and they make fantastic bachelorette gifts!!

    Honeydew:  Anything you’d like to tell Honeydew fans out there about yourself, your store, or just life itself? 

    Diane: We make sure everyone who comes into Galatea leaves feeling wonderful.  Alongside having the best bras and lingerie in town as well as great clothing, we will not let our customers leave in something that is ill-fitting or that doesn’t look amazing on them.  No one should ever buy anything that is “just ok” and in this economy, we make sure our customers are excited about their purchases.  We are known for being honest about what works and what doesn’t work on their bodies and they have learned to value our opinions.  We always say that we have the best customers in the world and we really do and that’s why we are still in business about to celebrate twenty-five years!!!

    Honeydew: We love that you carry Honeydew and we are delighted that you want us in your store and in your customers’ lingerie drawers!  We congratulate you on your success, here’s to 25 more years and beyond!! 


  10. Spotted!! Honeydew in New Old Spice TV Spot!

    We spotted our “Essential Bliss” cami in Lemon Bar on this beauty in a NEW Old Spice ad running this NFL season!!  That’s some great advertisement!!  Check out the ad HERE  and snag yourself one (and a matching hipster) HERE!