Dec 26 ~ There’s nothing better than day-after-Christmas lounging!  There’s no better loungewear for it than our buttery-soft modal chemise & matching tanga panty!  In the spirit of the Holidays, we’re also throwing in a chunky, sweatery, over-the-knee sock!  ENTER NOW to win!!

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    Dec 24 ~ DAY 13 OF DEWCEMBER IS HERE!  ENTER NOW for a chance to win two of our best-selling hipsters in two of our most fun, fresh color combos!

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    Dec 23 ~ We’ve got a great gift today on DAY 12 of our DEWCEMBER giveaway!  It’s a 3-pack of our super-soft mesh ‘Ava’ hipster in a fun & flirty color assortment!  Go enter to win it now!  (HINT: There are multiple ways to enter, so get to it!)

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    Hold on to your knickers, girls!

    We here at Honeydew Intimates have something big planned for the holidays - something so big we’ve named a whole MONTH after it!!  Be sure to check back Wednesday, December 12th for full details!

    xo The Dew Crew


  5. Boutique-of-the-Week! Mary Jane’s, Park City, Utah

    What better time to feature a boutique than Holiday shopping season?  This week, we’re talking to owner Lori Harris over at Mary Jane’s, a designer clothing and shoe boutique in Park City, Utah who just so happens to carry little ol’ us! There’s also a St Louis, Missouri location!  


    Honeydew: When did you open?

    Lori: Park City Feb 2004, St Louis Feb 2008.

    Honeydew: What would you say was your biggest key to success?

    Lori: Continuing to change as the marketplace changes!

    Honeydew: Tell us a little about your shop!

    Lori: Our boutique is a women’s clothes, shoes and accessories boutique.  We sell quite a few intimates and it has been successful for gifts and for the traveler who wants something fun!

    Honeydew:  What is the overall ‘vibe’ in your shop?

    Lori: Our store has a 1960 fun and kitschy vibe, very “Down with Love”.  It harkens back to those Doris Day movies from the 1960s.

     Honeydew:  That totally shows in your cute pink & black logo!  So, what was the first moment you realized “Hey, I’m actually making this work!”

    Lori: I felt that it was working from day one.  Our store has always been fun.  There are days when I question what I am doing but then I have a customer tell me how great of a time they had in the store!

    Honeydew: What is your target customer & price-point? 

    Lori: We cater to women 18 – 45 and our price point ranges from $5 gifts up to $350 boots.  Our sweet spot is $100 - $199.

    Honeydew: Small business owners often get a lot of feedback from their regular customers.  What do your customers love about your store? What do your customers love about Honeydew Intimates specifically?

    Lori: Our customers love how they find brands and items that they can’t find in some of the department stores.  They also really enjoy the personalized service and that we know their style and bring them items that fit their style!  Our ladies love the Honeydew undies and sets because they aren’t what you find everywhere.  The rumba panties have been a staple in our stores for years!

    Honeydew: What is your personal favorite Honeydew Intimates item & why?

    Lori: I love the soft rayon & lace chemise & panties, I wear them as jammies every night!

    Honeydew:  Anything you’d like to tell Honeydew fans out there about yourself, your store, or just life itself?

    When you have something sexy under your clothes it is empowering.  It’s like having a secret!

    Honeydew:  Shhh!  We won’t tell :) 



    Park City, UT (435) 645-7463

    St Louis, MO (314) 367-8867


    Dewettes, we are so thankful for YOU.  We couldn’t do it without you, and yes, we already show our thanks by making the most comfy-cozy intimates & sleepwear you can find!  But we’d like to take it one step further and give you the chance to win a PJ set for FREE, so you can love & enjoy them on the loungiest holiday of the year; Thanksgiving!

    Good Luck and be sure give thanks for all the gifts you are surrounded with every day!  We know we will :)


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