1. Honeydew; Madewell’s ‘Labels We Love’ Fall 2012!!

    Happy Friday lovely dew-drops!!

    We are thrilled to be chosen AGAIN as one of Madewell’s ‘Labels we Love’ to be featured in their NEW Fall 2012 Catalogue!  Check us out and ALWAYS check madewell.com for new colors as these items are exclusively Madewell!

    Madewell Loves Honeydew

  2. No.9 - a Honeydew Inspiration Board!

    Many of our Dewettes are back to school this week!  In honor of our bookworm babes, we’ve put together this wicked-awesome 'back to school' mood board, featuring some of our NEW favorite Fall 2012 items!

    Our Fall line took a little detour through the woods and stumbled upon a book of spells, and we conjured up a line more potent than No.9!  Check out the links below to score these sweet new treats!

    NO. 9

    1.) Honeydew Intimates Dot Mesh Bralette @ Madewell 2.) Van Cleef and Arpels Clover Necklace  3.) Gold Cuff via Polyvore  4.) OPI Nail Laquer in Ski Teal We Drop  5.) Honeydew Intimates Mad About Plaid fine mesh chemise in Jinx/Voodew  6.) Honeydew Intimates Claudia Hipster in Hex/Jinx (color coming soon!!!)  7.) Honeydew Intimates Emily Hipster in Voodew/Black (color coming soon!!!)

  3. Boutique-of-the-Week! Arcella’s Retreat, Glenwood Springs, CO


    Honeydew: When did you open? What would you say was your biggest key to success?

    Tami: Arcella’s opened in December 2007 right before everything in the economy took a tumble.  Being adaptable, listening to our customers, and always trying to do what is right for them has made us successful in our small community.

    Honeydew: When did you know that owning your own intimates boutique was your calling? 

    Tami: Arcella’s is named after my Grandmother, Arcella Richard and actually started as a “Relaxation Boutique” with bath and body products, heat wraps, candles etc.!  We were carrying some pajamas, slippers and nightgowns and customers were requesting lingerie.  I knew nothing about lingerie!  I slowly started adding lingerie to the mix and when the lingerie category was outselling our bath category I knew that was the direction we needed to go.

    Honeydew:  What is the overall ‘vibe’ in your shop?

    Tami: Because we started as a “Relaxation Boutique”  the vibe at Arcella’s is relaxing.  I try to make the shop appeal to all of the senses from the music playing in the background to the wonderful smell of our soaps and candles and the super soft lingerie from Honeydew!   It is a comfortable and sensual experience.

    Honeydew: What was the first moment you realized “Hey, I’m actually making this work! 

    Tami: We first realized we were making the business work when we were getting multiple referrals from our customers.  Nothing speaks more than unsolicited referrals!  We are so grateful for all our customers!

    Honeydew: What is your target customer & price-point? 

     Tami: Our target customers are women age 25-65.  We carry some less expensive lines, but are mid range for most of our products. We also get higher end statement pieces from time to time.

    Honeydew: Small business owners often get a lot of feedback from their regular customers.  What do your customers love about your store? What do your customers love about Honeydew Intimates specifically?

     Tami: Our customers most often tell us that the store smells so GOOD! I also hear that they like our selection, prices and that we are known for our great customer service.  The women in our area are very active and they love Honeydew because it is so soft and comfortable yet cute and feminine at the same time.

    Honeydew: What is your personal favorite Honeydew Intimates item & why?

     Tami: My personal favorite is the rayon & lace chemise.  They are all so soft, wearable and feminine!

     Honeydew:  Anything you’d like to tell Honeydew fans out there about yourself, your store, or just life itself?

    Tami: Since our business has evolved from a relaxation boutique to an intimates boutique, people often ask me how my Grandmother feels about having a lingerie store named after her…so I asked her… she busted out laughing - saying ” I’m not that old fashioned”!  Honeydew has been a very important part of our business, I am guessing one that my grandmother would have liked when she was a bit younger! We are thrilled to be representing the line in Glenwood Springs, CO.

    THANK YOU TAMI!!  Check out her facebook page HERE!

  4. Boutique-of-the-Week! J*girl Lingerie, Westlake Village, CA


    This week’s star is J*Girl Lingerie, a sexy little place located in Westlake Village, CA!  Not only is this boutique adorable in person, but you can also shop online for your underthings!  Cute & convenient!  Check out owner Jodye Marder gushing about her lovely store (and we see why!!).

    Honeydew: When did you open? What would you say was your biggest key to success?

    J Girl: J Girl opened in April 2008!  Personalized customer service & truly caring about all our customers were my biggest keys to success. My employees have been a big part of the store too!

    Honeydew: When did you know that owning your own intimates boutique was your calling? 

    J Girl: When Jodye was in Italy in 2007, she wanted to recreate that same European small boutique in her own hometown of Westlake Village, CA.

    Honeydew:  What is the overall ‘vibe’ in your shop?

    J Girl: The store has a vibe as if you are going into our personal closet! From the light green & silver damask wallpaper to the big romantic chandelier. “Sexy doesn’t have to be a secret” :)  All women are beautiful from the inside out!


    Honeydew: What was the first moment you realized “Hey, I’m actually making this work!”

    J Girl: Jodye knew that she made this store “work” when she opened it in a recession and it’s only increased in sales each year!  The store’s customers are constantly coming back for more!

    Honeydew: What is your target customer & price-point?

    J Girl:  J Girl’s target customers are girls young and old!  We have teenagers coming in to grown women.  We also have men coming in to buy for their significant other!  J Girl carries something for everyone’s budget! 

    Honeydew: Small business owners often get a lot of feedback from their regular customers.  What do your customers love about your store? What do your customers love about Honeydew Intimates specifically?

    J Girl: J Girl customers love our customer service and the girls who work at the store!  J Girl is always getting in new and unique items!  Our customers love Honeydew because its fun, flirty, comfortable, and priced right! 

    Honeydew: What is your personal favorite Honeydew Intimates item & why?

    J Girl:  Jodye’s personal favorite Honeydew Intimates item is the Rayon & Lace Bralette and matching Boyshort!  They come in all different colors and prints!

    Honeydew:  Anything you’d like to tell Honeydew fans out there about yourself, your store, or just life itself?

    J Girl: Jodye’s motto at J Girl is “Sexy doesn’t have to be a secret!”

    Honeydew:  We couldn’t agree more!!!  Click here for map & directions, & here to check out their website!  We Love you, J*Girl!  Thanks for loving us back!

  5. Boutique-of-the-Week! Azaleas, East Village, NYC

    Azaleas Header

    This week we’re shining the spotlight on Azaleas in NYC, a flirty East Village staple since 2002!  Owner Cindy Kahng handpicks under-pinnings herself and strings them all around her light, bright boutique for regulars & newcomers alike to ogle and covet!

    Honeydew: Cindy, you opened Azaleas in 2002 (the same year Honeydew Intimates launched into the intimates bra-tosphere!).  It can be so hard to open a small business, but you did it in a big city full of competition!  Not only did you ‘make it’, but you’ve secured your spot as a staple in the neighborhood, a go-to for fun, flirty lingerie for trendy New Yorkers!  What would you say was your biggest key to success?

    Cindy: Our customers are the reason for our success. We really pride ourselves on customer service and listening to the customers’ wants and needs. The East Village gals are young, stylish and laid back and so are our shop gals so it’s no wonder we have established a great relationship with our customers. Everyone has their ups and downs and we’ve been there for their latest summer fling, engagements, divorces and even children: all reasons to celebrate with new underwear!

    Honeydew: When did you know that owning your own intimates & swim boutique was your calling?

    Cindy: I always had a personal love for lingerie and love gifting it to my girlfriends.  The oohs and ahhs over delicate details in the pretty underthings or surprise or shock value in the naughty items are always fun reactions to see when your friend unwraps a present. After working in the fashion industry for 5 years prior, I knew it was the only logical step for me. 

    Honeydew: What was the first moment you realized “Hey, I’m actually making this work!”?

    Cindy: Well, it’s always great to hear good feedback from customers. But we are coming upon our tenth year anniversary, and it’s been most redeeming to see our loyal customers through their important life-changing events. For example, we have a male customer who used to live on this block and who’d come here for every occasion for his girlfriend from birthday presents to holiday gifts. He just came in the other day with his newborn baby to buy a Mother’s Day gift. That was really sweet that he’d take his kid on the subway (they’d since moved to Brooklyn) all the way here to buy her a gift. I really adore and appreciate that. 

    Honeydew: If there’s anything people know about New Yorkers, It’s their fierce love of their city and their passion and gratitude for everything their beloved city has to offer! What is your favorite thing about Azaleas’ neighborhood, East Village?

    Cindy: Over the years, the East Village has still kept its charm and character. There are still lots of creative types, the crazies in the summer time, and punks doing their pilgrimage to St. Mark’s place.  There really is no other neighborhood I’d rather work, play and eat in. The food culture is always changing in New York, and this neighborhood is the testing grounds for it so I couldn’t complain. 

    Honeydew: Small business owners often get a lot of feedback from their regular customers.  What do your customers love about Honeydew Intimates?

    Cindy: There are a lot of young, stylish and creative types in the East Village. The creative types, however, aren’t necessarily the ones with a lot of disposable income. It’s always a challenge to find that one item they would covet but offer it at a reasonable price point.  We’ve carried Honeydew pretty much since the beginning and the look and quality for their price just couldn’t be more in tune with our customers. 

    Honeydew: What is your personal favorite Honeydew Intimates item & why?

    Cindy: The basic mesh boyshorts with lace trim have been a staple here since we brought it in but one of our other favorites would be the lace bralettes.  They are easy, comfy and cute and the spaghetti straps are great to wear and show off in the summer time. And we always adore the color palettes chosen each season. 

    Honeydew:  Anything you’d like to tell Honeydew fans out there about yourself, Azaleas, or just life itself?

    Cindy: After ten years, we will be moving our shop to a more visible and spacious space at 140 Second Avenue (between St. Mark’s Place and 9th Street) in October so please come visit us and gossip with the girls any time! 

    Azaleas Storefront

                                                                                                              Peep some of Cindy’s wares at http://shop.azaleasnyc.com/

  6. Infographics never looked so pretty! ‘What does Your Lingerie Say About You?’

    The folks at cooldailyinfographics.com found an infographic that’s sexy & fun!  check out this one featuring info on lingerie lovers by age, lingerie color, and motivation!  <3  What’s your top motivator to buy honeydew?!  

             INFOGRAPHIC: What Does Your Lingerie Say About You?

  7. Boutique-of-the-Week; A Tropical Affair in Santa Barbara, CA!

    A Tropical Affair

    The ‘Dew Crew’ loves all of our stores!  We especially love shining a spotlight on sweet boutiques run by owners with a personal passion for intimates & loungewear!  Our first feature is A Tropical Affair, a sweet retreat located in the idyllic coastal city of Santa Barbara, California.  Santa Barbara is the home of University of California Santa Barbara, a host of beautiful beaches, gorgeous wine country, and a vibrant arts & shopping district just a skip from the beach!  Check out what ATA owner Heather Taylor has to say about achieving her dream and what she loves about Honeydew Intimates!


    Honeydew: Heather, we’ve read that this store is your dream.  Pretty much every girl has a dream they want to achieve!  When did you first want your own boutique, and how did you get to where you are now?

    Heather: I always loved the idea of having a bikini shop and thought the balance of lingerie would make it a year round success. It wasn’t until I moved to Santa Barbara from Los Angeles in the early 1990’s that I realized there just wasn’t the selection I was looking for there. I thought I couldn’t be the only person looking for something beyond department stores and surf shops - so that is how the concept of A Tropical Affair was first born. I had the idea and then worked very hard on it for a while at a time when I was living in New York working as a wardrobe stylist. Lets just say I made every part of the dream so real that it finally manifested into my dream shop. I would tell anyone wanting to accomplish their dreams to start making list and put one foot in front of the other. Yes, it takes time, but there is no time like the present!


    Honeydew:  You have an eclectic mix of lingerie, from high-end couture to cute, comfortable, & sexy (Honeydew’s specialty!).  In your experience, what have ATA Customers come to expect from Honeydew Intimates?

    Heather: Our customers have always loved Honeydew Intimates because they are cheerful, fun, and affordable - a great treat for yourself or for a friend! Honeydew frequently uses soft but stretchy materials, allowing one piece to flatter many different figures. And, since A Tropical Affair is a place where gals and guys come to get a little flirty, Honeydew’s see-through factor and low cuts certainly don’t hurt!


    Honeydew: When visiting A Tropical Affair, it feels so light, sunny, and fresh.  It’s the perfect mix between beachy cabana & sunny bedroom!  I imagine that helps some customers (and their men!) who are leery about buying lingerie.  Do you find that your light & airy décor helps customers feel comfortable in your boutique?

    Definitely. Because we decorated with a beachy theme - rather than creating an intimate boudoir setting - most men feel very comfortable in our shop. They love to lounge in our “man chairs,” watch the vintage movie playing on the TV built into the counter, and leaf through our pin-up books. We even have a 7’ sailfish named Arturo mounted high on the wall, a real talking point for the fellas. And because we kept the colors so feminine, light pink and pale yellow, women love it here, too. (Ladies often tell us that they wish they could move in.) The sunny decor certainly makes A Tropical Affair a great place to visit on gloomy days, too. In here, it’s summer year round!


    Honeydew: What are some of your top-sellers from Honeydew Intimates?

    The Camellia bralette & matching tanga (in all their different lace incarnations) have always been a hit with our customers. Girls love the skimpy cut, light support, thin straps, and fun colors. And the classic Fine Mesh cami and tanga set has been one of the most popular gift items for years - we only wish you guys made it in every color of the rainbow!  


    Honeydew:  What is your personal favorite Honeydew Intimates item & why?

    I personally adore your classic mesh tanga. They are just so flattering - and the perfect price point, too! They are a great alternative to thongs and invisible under most of my wardrobe. I love to wear all your cheery prints (ice cream cones! unicorns! polka dots!) with a bra in a coordinating solid color. It’s a great way to add a little fun to my outfit - even if nobody knows but me.

    A Tropical Affair; "Man-Chairs"

                                                                                                         Check out Heather’s lovely shop at http://www.atropicalaffair.com/

  8. Your BEST Lingerie Colors

    Choosing your best colors for your skin tone shouldn’t stop with sportswear!  After all, aren’t you showing the MOST skin in your skivvies?  Follow these quick tips when stocking your sexy stash to look your best when it really counts!  Try these sexy underpinnings with our suggested nail-colors too…it’s the only other thing you’ll be wearing!  

    1.) Light, translucent skin with very dark hair and dark eyes;

    Knock’ em dead in saturated black, cool greys, and vivid jewel tones!  Our Camelia Bralette & Boyshort in Boysenberry is perfect for you!  Wear with Chinchilly by Essie, a warm fawn neutral that is subtle but WILL be noticed.

    2.) Warm-toned skin with blonde or light-brown hair;

    Glow in a spectrum of brights!  Sun-kissed blondes are striking in bright reds, yellows, pinks, blues, and bright multi prints.   Our top-selling Lace Triangle Bralette at Urban Outfitters is your perfect pairing!  Brush on Essie’s Mezmerized, a glittering cobalt blue, to tie into this amazing floral print!

    3.) Warm golden or olive skin with brown hair, hazel, honey or brown eyes;

    Sizzle in warm caramel-coated earth tones, burnt orange, deep reds, subtle gold, white, bright coral & aqua!   Be bodacious in our signature Rayon & Lace Hipster & Bralette in Cactus Flower!  It ties in nectar-sweet coral with a warm neutral – two of your best colors!  Choose Deborah Lipman’s Amazing Grace white creme for a crisp natural look to go with this icy-bright mix!

    4.) Translucent, porcelain skin (sometimes with freckles) with light blonde, strawberry-blonde, or red hair, with blue or green eyes;

    Tout your famously flawless skin with creamy peach, bright coral, aqua, and lavender.  Also seek out deep emeralds, bright cobalt & navy blues, and rich plums!  Cause a fuss in our frisky Polka-Dot Mesh Bralette & Hipster available at Madewell.com.  You’ll look best in Pansy or Camargue Blue!  Slick your nails in Essie’s Mint Candy Apple for either.  This frost-bitten mint also compliments your glowing complexion!

    5.) Deep, rich-toned brown skin with brown or black hair and eyes;

    Ooze appeal and complement your gorgeous skin with crisp white and bright aquas, pinks, corals, and yellows!  Snatch up our Lace Bralette & Hipster at Madewell.com in Marseilles Aqua or Vivid Fuchsia.  Add to your jaw-dropping ensemble by coating your tips in OPI’s Makes Men Blusha blushing beige that warms your skin & lets your lingerie shine bright!

    If you’re not sure where you fall in these categories, have no fear - have fun with it and have a fashion show with your pals!  Try on a variety of colors and get their opinion on what most highlights your natural beauty.  Trust your own opinion?  Prance in front of the mirror on your own and you decide!  Let us know YOUR favorite go-to shades for your underthings!