1. Part of the Honeydew Family; Loren Stewart Jewelry!

    Hi Dewettes!

    Exciting news!  One of Honeydew’s near & dear has her own line of fantastic jewelry and it’s been picked up at Barney’s New York!  Check it out HERE!

    Loren Stewart is “elegant anti-conformist” combining a high-end and street attitude in it’s overall narrative. Their current line @ Barney’s NY features arrowheads, elegant geometric shapes, and sleek lines evoking a modern tribal feel. Show her some love!

    Loren Stewart

    1.) Silver & Gold Byzantine Arrowhead Pendant Necklace  2.) Gold Neolithic Arrowhead Stud Earrings  3.) Silver Skinni Ring  4.) Gold Long Rod Earrings  5.) Silver Byzantine Arrowhead Stud Earrings  6.) Silver Three-Bar Cuff Ring  7.) Silver Arrow Stud Earrings