1. Boutique-of-the-Week! Dollhouse Bettie, San Francisco

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    Happy Friday, Dewettes!!

    If you’re a lovely local to San Francisco, CA, head over to Dollhouse Bettie for infallible service and a fun frolic through the most alluring selection of vintage & vintage-style intimates!  From top-shelf glam to adorable every-day, Dollhouse Bettie will slip you into exactly the lingerie you’re looking for.  Check out what Michelle Metens has to say about her sweet boutique!

    Dollhouse Bettie Store

    Honeydew: When did you open? What would you say was your biggest key to success?

     Michelle: We started selling online in 2004 and opened our retail store in 2007; I think the biggest key to our success is staying true to our style in spite of the trends. One of our key philosophies is to provide beautiful and unique styles that are affordable for every day, and to always have a great selection of standout pieces for those times when you want something glamorous for a special occasion!

     Honeydew: When did you know that owning your own intimates boutique was your calling?

     Michelle: I never set out to one day own a lingerie boutique; it just kind of evolved! After years of performing on stage, I owned an abundance of costumes and vintage, and started selling them on eBay just to make room in the closet! From there it mushroomed into a full time online business with a special knack for sourcing and selling rare vintage dead-stock lingerie. When we opened our store in 2007 we expanded our product range to include new items and classic foundations. We still offer stunning authentic vintage in pristine condition.

     Honeydew: What is the overall ‘vibe’ in your shop?

     Michelle: Feminine, with homage to the classic glamour of the 1920s through the 1950s!

     Honeydew: What was the first moment you realized “Hey, I’m actually making this work!”

     Michelle: Opening the shop in 2007 was tough, not knowing that the country was already in a recession! But we won a Best of the Bay award in spring of 2008, and knew that we had hit on something unique that couldn’t be found elsewhere.

     Honeydew: What is your target customer & price-point?

     Michelle: Our customers range in age from 18 to 55, and are from all over the world. Haight-Ashbury is a travel destination in and of itself, so we see people from across the globe. Our price points range from moderate to high end so there is always something available, even for a young woman on a budget!

     Honeydew: Small business owners often get a lot of feedback from their regular customers. What do your customers love about your store? What do your customers love about Honeydew

    Intimates specifically?

     Michelle: We have a regular customer from Spain who travels to San Francisco every year. The last time she was in our store she said, “This is my favorite shop in the whole world.” That was amazing! Customers tell us they love the warm, welcoming environment, that it’s relaxed and makes them feel feminine just being there! Hands down customers love Honeydew fabrics! It’s hard not to be amazed and comment at how soft and luxurious they are. Once a customer touches it they are in love.

     Honeydew: What is your personal favorite Honeydew Intimates item & why?

     Michelle: The Enchanting Romper in Mojave, it’s such a fresh color and has amazing comfort. Once you put it on you don’t want to take it off! But I would have to say it’s a tie with the Scarlette panty in Anchor Blue - so sexy!! (check them out below!!)

    Dollhouse Bettie + Honeydew

    Honeydew: Anything you’d like to tell Honeydew fans out there about yourself, your store, or just life itself?

     Michelle: Beautiful lingerie is every woman’s secret weapon! The confidence you’ll gain from knowing you’re wearing something lovely underneath will add a smile to your face that just brightens the day.  http://www.dollhousebettie.com/