1. Boutique-of-the-Week! Arcella’s Retreat, Glenwood Springs, CO


    Honeydew: When did you open? What would you say was your biggest key to success?

    Tami: Arcella’s opened in December 2007 right before everything in the economy took a tumble.  Being adaptable, listening to our customers, and always trying to do what is right for them has made us successful in our small community.

    Honeydew: When did you know that owning your own intimates boutique was your calling? 

    Tami: Arcella’s is named after my Grandmother, Arcella Richard and actually started as a “Relaxation Boutique” with bath and body products, heat wraps, candles etc.!  We were carrying some pajamas, slippers and nightgowns and customers were requesting lingerie.  I knew nothing about lingerie!  I slowly started adding lingerie to the mix and when the lingerie category was outselling our bath category I knew that was the direction we needed to go.

    Honeydew:  What is the overall ‘vibe’ in your shop?

    Tami: Because we started as a “Relaxation Boutique”  the vibe at Arcella’s is relaxing.  I try to make the shop appeal to all of the senses from the music playing in the background to the wonderful smell of our soaps and candles and the super soft lingerie from Honeydew!   It is a comfortable and sensual experience.

    Honeydew: What was the first moment you realized “Hey, I’m actually making this work! 

    Tami: We first realized we were making the business work when we were getting multiple referrals from our customers.  Nothing speaks more than unsolicited referrals!  We are so grateful for all our customers!

    Honeydew: What is your target customer & price-point? 

     Tami: Our target customers are women age 25-65.  We carry some less expensive lines, but are mid range for most of our products. We also get higher end statement pieces from time to time.

    Honeydew: Small business owners often get a lot of feedback from their regular customers.  What do your customers love about your store? What do your customers love about Honeydew Intimates specifically?

     Tami: Our customers most often tell us that the store smells so GOOD! I also hear that they like our selection, prices and that we are known for our great customer service.  The women in our area are very active and they love Honeydew because it is so soft and comfortable yet cute and feminine at the same time.

    Honeydew: What is your personal favorite Honeydew Intimates item & why?

     Tami: My personal favorite is the rayon & lace chemise.  They are all so soft, wearable and feminine!

     Honeydew:  Anything you’d like to tell Honeydew fans out there about yourself, your store, or just life itself?

    Tami: Since our business has evolved from a relaxation boutique to an intimates boutique, people often ask me how my Grandmother feels about having a lingerie store named after her…so I asked her… she busted out laughing - saying ” I’m not that old fashioned”!  Honeydew has been a very important part of our business, I am guessing one that my grandmother would have liked when she was a bit younger! We are thrilled to be representing the line in Glenwood Springs, CO.

    THANK YOU TAMI!!  Check out her facebook page HERE!